I guess this is supposed to be my mission statement, but you'll have to get to know me.  

If Epstein didn't kill himself, follow me for recipes.   After this economic disaster and losing tons of $$$, canceling my anticipated trip to Moscow, I'm kind of feeling deflated like a Tom Brady football, and just kind've focused on staying on my 2 feet, and keeping hungry mouths fed.  Hopefully we have enough of toilet paper and won't have to poop into those bags they used to put with your MREs out in the desert.  Hopefully this all don't come to that $#;t.  Better get through this BS soon.  People getting sick everywhere in the US, not so much the rest of the world mysteriously and that's a different subject for another day.  But yeah taking things a day at a time, just appreciating what I have.  Other than that, once this passes, everyone's attitude will change.